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The Futures of Education: Learning to Become
25 Sep 2019 -  The Futures of Education side event, co-organized with the Portuguese Republic, will provide an opportunity for Heads of State and Government to share their perspectives on education and learning in light of climate change, technological development and the changing nature of work. The results of this first debate will help frame the issues to be examined by the International Commission on the Futures of Education, in particular at their first plenary session in January 2020.
The increasing uncertainty, complexity and precariousness of our contemporary world must make us ask whether education can continue in a business-as-usual manner. Inequalities, violence and exclusion are bringing many societies to a point of crisis. The fragility of our planet and its ecosystems is becoming more and more apparent. Sadly, these varied forms of insecurity are exploited by some, thus straining social cohesion and weakening trust in established institutions.
With rapidly changing contexts and multiple possible futures, we must reexamine and reimagine how education can contribute to the common good of humanity.
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