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The Role of Natural Gas in the Transition to Sustainable Energy for All in Africa, Global Commodities Forum, UNCTAD 14
16 Jul 2016 -  Moderator: René Bautz, Chairman, World Energy Council-Global Gas Centre, and CEO, Gaznat


Charles Keter, Cabinet Secretary, MGH, Ministry of energy and Petroleum of Kenya

Taylor Ruggles, Deputy Coordinator, Power Africa Initiative

Thierry Bros, Senior European Gas and LNG Analyst, Société Générale

Karim Barbir, Director of Gas Chain, ENGIE

The SDGs and the COP21 meeting in Paris both emphasized the importance of employing sustainable energy sources in expanding access to energy. These challenges are particularly relevant in Africa. In this session, experts will review the continent's energy endowments, with a focus on natural gas, and identify long- term strategies that can convert them into universal access to sustainable energy.
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