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The UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy: Advancing Women's Leadership and Participation (CSW62 Side event)
12 Mar 2018 -  Violent extremism remains a grave threat to international security and directly undermines sustainable development, human rights, and gender equality. It has exacerbated conflicts, destabilized regions, spread intolerance, and polarized communities. Across regions, every advance made by violent extremist groups has involved the subjugation of women and girls and attacks on their rights.

This event will provide an opportune time for CSW participants to hear directly from the Under-Secretary-General of OCT regarding its priorities in advancing gender equality and the empowerment of women. It will bring together women civil society leaders, United Nations entities, and Member States to achieve the following objectives:

1. Explore the challenges and opportunities in advancing the gender language in the 5th review resolution of the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy review, in view of the upcoming 6th review;

2. Introduce the priorities of the new OCT and the broader United Nations counter-terrorism architecture to women civil society actors and activists from around the globe; and

3. Highlight the importance of elevating and supporting women civil society in efforts to counter terrorism and prevent violent extremism.
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