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Thomas & Friends on Gender Equality - Goal #5
7 Sep 2018 -  What is the Goal?
Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
What Is My Child Learning?
Empathy for others
To treat everyone as equals
Fair to others
Social development
Conversation Starters
What things did Thomas say the girl engines do?
What did the girl engine do?
Can they do the same things as boy engines?
Do the girl engines get the same opportunities as boy engines?
What jobs do you see that girls and boys can do?
Name a few women your child knows and talk about some things he/she admires in them, and/or have learned from them.
Playful Learning
Everyone can be a hero! Young children begin to build a strong sense of self and their identity as a boy or a girl. Dramatic play can help children in building confidence in who they are and what they can do.
You'll need old clothes, paper, cardboard, and recycled materials.
Ask your child if anyone can be a hero. Can boys be heroes? Can girls be heroes? If your child could be a superhero who would he/she be?
Create the hero costume out of materials with your child. Act out the hero tasks or actions. A costume for younger children may not be needed.
Act out with your children tasks they think they would do as heroes. Older children can extend the learning by making a chart of the things they can do and things their friends can do - girls and boys.
Share what you learn! Use #AllAboardForGlobalGoals
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