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Thomas & Friends on Life on Land - Goal #15
7 Sep 2018 -  What is the Goal?
Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss.
What Is My Child Learning?
Science - earth science, natural world
Geography - physical features
Inquiry and prediction
Conversation Starters
Why are trees important to us?
How many animals can we name that live in trees?
What would happen if we didn’t have trees?
Where can we find trees?
What can we see on a tree (leaves, branches, trunks, flowers, etc.)?
Playful Learning
Start with a seed! You'll need a few seeds, or small plants, dirt, cups or pots, and water. Find a place in your yard to plant your seeds or small plants. Talk about what the plants need to grow - water, food, sunlight. No yard? Plant the plants or seeds in a pot in the house and place them near a window. Work with your child to take care oif the plants or seeds each week. Take pictures of the plants as they grow and measure their heights. Extend the learning by planting edible plants such as lettuce or herbs. This activity is recommended for children age 3 years and up.
Younger children will need help in placing the seeds in a cup or pot. Count the number of seeds with your child as you plant them.
For older children, take a nature walk. Talk about the trees and what types of animals use the trees. How many different types of trees and other plants do you see? Challenge older children to make something fun while using all of the materials.
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