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Thomas & Friends on Quality Education - Goal #4
7 Sep 2018 -  What is the Goal?
Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.
What is My Child Learning?
Importance of learning
Empathy for others
Approaches to learning
Creativity and innovation
Conversation Starters
Tell me what Thomas said about schools?
Does everyone go to school?
Why is it hard for some children to go to school?
What are some fun things that can happen at school?
How can learning something new help you?
Playful Learning
Remember playing school? This time change it up and have your child teach you something. Ask your child to "set up" the school. What will you need? What does your child want to teach you? It can be how to play a game, put together a puzzle, or build a tower with blocks. As you play ask your child for help and talk about what you are learning.
Invite others into your classroom so they can learn too. You can invite family members or use stuffed animals as students. We want everyone to come to school!
For very young children, keep it simple with a 4-5 piece puzzle or have the stuffed animals sit in a circle as you play with a ball or blocks.
For older children, create a project together such as a number line to decorate your "classroom" or have them read to you!
Share what you learn! Use #AllAboardForGlobalGoals
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