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Thomas & Friends on Sustainable Cities - Goal #11
7 Sep 2018 -  What is the Goal?
Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.
What Is My Child Learning?
Understanding families and communities
Geographical concepts
Problem solving and creativity
Conversation Starters
What places does Thomas see?
Where do all the people live?
How do the people move around in cities?
What kind of things do people need in a city?
Where else do people live (town, village, countryside)? Where do we live?
Playful Learning
Engineer some fun! You'll need blocks, recycled materials like paper tube or cardboard, and toy trains or cars.
Make a bridge or a ramp with your child. Talk about how the bridge helps people move around the city by crossing a river or a street below. Using the toy trains, test your bridge or ramp.
Next try to build buildings - places for people to work and live. How tall can you make a tower? Make sure it doesn't fall! Explain it has to be safe for the people who will live there.
For younger children, help them with the bridge construction or start by building a tower.
For older children, make a simple map of a city or town on a large piece of poster paper.
Add cardboard buildings in locations on the map. Make sure your child adds green spaces.
Share what you learn! Use #AllAboardForGlobalGoals
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