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UN General Assembly: 'Global truce during Olympic Games'
6 Nov 2013 -  SCRIPT:
Fighting must stop during Olympic Games. This is the message coming from all United Nations Member States, who today adopted a resolution emphasizing the importance of sports and the Olympic ideal for building a more peaceful world. The resolution calls for a global truce in 2014 during the Winter Games to be held in Russia. The representative of Greece emphasized the shared common values and goals of the United Nations and the Olympic movement:

[[QUOTE Representative of Greece:
"We should bear in mind that in a world of differences, inequalities and conflicts, even an agreement for a temporary truce is an achievement of the international community."]]

The Russian Federation introduced the draft resolution to the General Assembly meeting on Sport for Peace and Development. Dimitry Chernyshenko - responsible for organizing the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 - cited the ancient Greek Olympic tradition of calling for truce:
[[QUOTE Dimitry Chernyshenko:
This draft resolution is mainly inspired by the ancient Greek tradition for over two thousand years of calling for truce during the Olympic Games that ensured the safe passage of athletes to and from the site of the Games".]]

The resolution 'recalls the recognition of the valuable contribution of sport in promoting', among other things, 'solidarity, fairness and social inclusion'.
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