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#UN75 Webinar - All Of Society Digital Cooperation for Global Goals & Climate Action
26 Jun 2020 -  Webinar in Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Signing of the Charter of the United Nations, organized by IAAI GloCha in collaboration with UN Habitat, UNESCO MOST, Yale Open Innovation Lab / Open Climate Collabathon and other partners.

On 26th of June 1945 - exactly 75 years ago - representatives of national governments signed the UN Charter. The world has changed significantly since then. The nature of global challenges has changed and people all over the world more than ever before feel united in a community of destiny challenged i.a. by the climate change crisis and the health crisis caused by COVID19. The organizers of the “#AllOfSociety #DigitalCooperation for #GlobalGoals” webinar want to use the momentum of the #UN75 celebration and the recent presentation of the “UN Data Strategy for Action by Everyone, Everywhere” by the UN Secretary General, to create a virtual forum to collaboratively reflect on the current operating system of global community and to explore new avenues for the mobilization of action and resources of all of society and especially youth for better delivery of public good – aka. Sustainable Development Goals/Agenda2030 implementation with well-functioning local and global society.
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