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Women in Films Forum (CSW62 Side Event)
14 Mar 2018 -  The forum aims to promote gender equality in the film industry and to build a platform for female workers in films to communicate and network.  In addition to UNSRC Multimedia Guild members, the event was open to UN Staff, Mission members, participants to the Commission on the Status of Women, invited Female film makers, producers, and actresses.
The speakers include:
Nicole Esquibel, Professor in Visual arts and communications, US
Isabel Raventos, Spain film industry
Amy Logan, US  film director
Maria Edström, Swedish Journalist - Nordicom - solutions on Gender Eq.
Jessica Williamson, TV show in empowering rural women and girls in Cameroon
Chad. Xiao Guiyun, First Chinese woman Film Director
Ramu Domadaran, UN DPI
Luana Lobo, Brazilian film director, Video Camp.
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