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Working Together to End Homelessness (CSocD58 Side Event)
13 Feb 2020 -  Homelessness is one of the most visible manifestations of inequality. The event will engage various stakeholders, including the philanthropical community, the private sector, local governments/communities, persons experiencing homelessness, and other relevant actors to identify common challenges, and exchange good practices and way forward to end homelessness.
The event will mainly discuss the following questions:
1. What are the major challenges faced by communities to address homelessness?
2. What measures have proven to be effective in addressing challenges faced by homeless people at the local, regional and national levels?
3. How can we promote public‐private partnership to combat homelessness?
4. What is the specific role of philanthropical communities (and the private sector) to ensure access to affordable housing?
5. How can the international community mobilize various societal actors to prevent/address temporary and long‐term homelessness?
Opening Remarks
- Ms. Daniela Bas, Director of Division for Inclusive Social Development, UNDESA
- H.E. Jukka Salovaara, Ambassador, Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN
- Ms. Dame Louise Casey, Institute of Global Homelessness, UK
Moderator: Ms. Jean Quinn, DW, Executive Director of UNAMINA International, and the Cochair of the NGO Working Group to End Homelessness
- Ms. Francesca Deferrari, Officer‐in‐Charge of the UN‐ Habitat NY Office
- Mr. Mark McGreevy, CEO, Depaul International
- Mr. Josh Littlejohn, Founder, Social Bite and World's Big Sleepout
- Ms. Elizabeth Madden, Community Activist, Ireland
- Ms. Amanda Misiko Andere, Chief Executive Officer, Funders Together to End Homelessness
- Ms. Ashley Gromis, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Eviction Lab, Department of Sociology, Princeton University
- Mr. Indu Prakash Singh, Facilitator City Makers International
- Ms. Gwendolyn Cassady, Coordinator of ManagingProjects.org, and non‐profit ManagingLove.org.
- Ms. Tracy Perrizo, Program Officer, New York City Program, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
- Ms. Yanella Posente, Coordinator, the Latinoamericana Street Network Project and Technical Secretary; MIDES
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