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Young Women as an Economic Force, Youth Forum (CSW 61)
11 Mar 2017 -  Moderator:

 Shruti Kapoor, Founder, Sayfty


 Kimberley Chambers, Community Engagement Manager For Corporate Responsibility, Adobe

 Mary Kate Costello, Senior Policy Analyst, The Hunger Project

 Professor Rao Bhavani, Director, AMMACHI Labs

 Mengdi Wu, Founder and CEO, Miss Locker

 Rina Kupferschmid-Rojas, Global Head, Sustainable Investing & Managing Director, UBS

 Noorena Shams, Aware Girls

 Namisha Bahl, Director of Marketing, Mogul Inc.

 Manav Subodh, Senior Fellow, Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley & Founding Board, A Million for A Billion
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