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Youth, peace and security - Security Council Open VTC
27 Apr 2020 -  Maintenance of international peace and security: Youth, peace and security.
Opening remarks by the UN Secretary-General.
Progress has been made in supporting young people in the context of peace and security since the adoption of Security Council resolution 2250 (2015). Young women and men have influenced peace processes and humanitarian response efforts. They have engaged with decision makers on peace and security issues in local- to national-level policy discussions. They have demanded a multilateral system that engages them meaningfully, and they have demonstrated their potential to forge alliances and be partners to count on in sustaining peace and fostering development in a world faced with multiple challenges.
There is a growing recognition of young people’s essential role in peace and security. It is encouraging to see many instances in which Governments, United Nations entities, civil society actors and others are stepping up to meet the requirements of resolution 2250 (2015).
Core challenges remain, including structural barriers limiting the participation of young people and their capacity to influence decision-making; violations of their human rights; and insufficient investment in facilitating their inclusion, in particular through education.
First report of the Secretary-General on Youth and peace and security (S/2020/167).
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