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Localizing the SDGs: the role and impact of local authorities for the 2030 Agenda (HLPF19 Side Event)
16 Jul 2019 -  The achievement of Agenda 2030 at local level will require significant efforts to improve the mechanisms for local finance and local development. Local and regional governments are the institutions who are closest to citizens, and they are key in delivering many of the SDGs at local level.
This side event wants to bring to the HLPF a reflection that several partners and UN agencies have started over the last years regarding the analysis of needs to finance the local implementation of the SDGs as well as the opportunities generated by new instruments such enhancing local revenue and local taxation, aligning local budgets to the SDGs, improving central to local transfers, promoting effectiveness in local finances and changing the financial ecosystem so local governments and their local stakeholders can fully engage in the implementation of Agenda 2030 at local level and for all.
The side event wants to bring innovative solutions that countries and cities are already applying to finance the SDGs at local level, inspiring others and contributing to bring trends and experiences to HLPF.