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Volkan Bozkir (General Assembly President) on International Mother Earth Day 2021
21 Apr 2021 -  We recognize this year’s International Mother Earth Day under the shadow of a pandemic that has underscored the close relationship between human health and the natural world.
If ever we needed a sign that we must fix our relationship with nature, this is it.
We cannot continue to focus only on economic growth at the cost of all else; our economic growth is dependent on our planet. We must find a balance between economic, social, and environmental needs.
This year, three international summits will address the environmental challenges facing our planet: climate change; biodiversity loss; and desertification, land degradation and drought.
These issues are critically important.
The world is getting warmer. Extinction continues at an alarming rate.
And 12 million hectares of land are lost every year.
For my part, I will host a High-level Meeting on Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought in May to help address these issues.
Together, we can protect our planet, harmonise with Mother Earth, and shift towards a sustainable economy that delivers for us all.
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