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2nd plenary meeting - Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, 2021 regular session, Economic and Social Council.
17 May 2021 -  The 2021 regular session of the Committee on NGOs will take place from 17 -27 May 2021 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The Committee will meet again on and 7 June 2021 to adopt its report of the session.
The session is expected to consider 516 new applications for status by NGOs as well as 339 applications deferred from earlier sessions. The Committee will also review quadrennial reports of NGOs in general or special consultative status, as well as 77 quadrennial reports from organizations, deferred from earlier sessions. The session's recommendations will be sent to the Economic and Social Council for its approval during the meetings of the management segment of the Council to be held from 21 to 22 July 2021.
Agenda:  E/C.2/2021/1/Rev.1, E/2021/L.9, E/2021/L.11