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Opening of the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021
25 Jan 2021 -  Hosted by Prime Minister Mark Rutte (Kingdom of the Netherlands) the High-Level Opening Session of the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 profiled the contributions of Heads of State and Governments and other invited high-level dignitaries to the objectives of the Summit:

- Enhancing Ambition on Adaptation: Building on the Climate Ambition Summit, sustaining commitments, and building understanding to drive more ambitious adaptation action on the ground.
- Forging Solutions and Tools: Mobilizing the billions and shifting the trillions to power a climate resilience transformation within the world economy, upscale solutions to confront the challenges from climate change, and invest in capacity building.
- Supporting Communities to Adapt: Sharing the best international partnerships, national adaptive efforts, and sub-national innovative collaborative experiences to deliver the most effective results.

The Adaptation Action Agenda: Building on the work of the Global Commission on Adaptation, UNCAS and many other partners, the Adaptation Action Agenda will deliver enhanced ambition, accelerated actions and tangible solutions to the problems of a warming world, showing how a climate-resilient future can and will be achieved.

Ms Sacha de Boer, a renowned media personality from the Netherlands, moderated the Opening Session from the CAS 2021 studio in the Netherlands. PM Rutte joined her live in the studio. Other guests connected either live or through pre-recorded video messages.