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The Right to be My Older Self: North-South Dialogue on Long-term and Palliative Care and on Autonomy and Independence for Older Persons
24 Jul 2018 -  This side event, hosted by ILC Canada and the LIFE Research Institute University of Ottawa, and sponsored by the Canadian Medical Association, FADOQ, Home Instead, and the Government of Canada, will be a North-South discussion of the focus issues of the Ninth OEWG Session by considering the availability, quality, and sustainability of long-term care and palliative care systems, and older persons’ rights to autonomy and independence.
Beyond detailing the current state and growing need for long-term, palliative, and other health care services the session will examine what we mean by autonomy and independence, concepts which, while differing depending on social, cultural and economic contexts, are also universal in that how they are manifested. Globally, the conceptions of autonomy and independence have a great impact on older persons’ rights no matter where they live.