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First Committee, 3rd meeting - General Assembly, 75th session
9 Oct 2020 -  Disarmament and International Security Committee.

- General debate on all disarmament and international security agenda items (from 94 to 110)

A/C.1/75/1, A/C.1/75/INF/1, A/C.1/75/INF/4, A/75/27, A/75/63, A/75/78, A/75/92, A/75/94, A/75/95, A/75/96, A/75/112, A/75/113, A/75/114, A/75/116, A/75/117, A/75/118, A/75/120, A/75/122, A/75/123, A/75/126, A/75/127, A/75/132, A/75/133, A/75/134, A/75/137, A/75/138, A/75/139, A/75/140, A/75/152, A/75/153, A/75/171, A/75/175, A/75/182 (Part I), A/75/182 (Part II), A/75/204, A/75/221, A/75/283, A/75/291, A/C.1/75/L.1, A/C.1/75/L.9