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Photo exhibition “Chornobyl 35: Contemporary History of a Historical Disaster” dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy
9 Apr 2021 -  During one week, representatives of foreign delegations will see archival photos and materials that will tell not only about the greatest man-made catastrophe of mankind, but also about the role of lies and large-scale distortion of information by the Soviet regime, which caused the Chornobyl tragedy and increased its consequences.

As the organizers of the photo exhibition explain: “Photos and documents tell about the mistakes of the Soviet leadership, expose information propaganda, describe the tragic fates of people who tried to stop the tragedy. The exhibition is divided into three blocks. The first one tells about the scale of the catastrophe, about international cooperation in overcoming the consequences of the tragedy, since Chornobyl has become not only a problem of Ukraine, but a challenge for the whole world. The second block exposes information propaganda and attempts by the Soviet authorities to silence the tragedy. The third part of the exhibition is about our present. "

Archival materials and photos for the exhibition were provided by the National Museum "Chornobyl", the State Film and Photo Archive named after Pshenychny, the State Agency for Tourism Development and the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management; as well as 3 photos, contributed by the Missions of Sweden, Latvia and Estonia to the UN.
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