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Rebuilding Trust and Increasing Accountability to Prevent Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Harassment of and by Humanitarian Staff
19 Jun 2018 -  Sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) by humanitarian workers and other actors sent to protect and assist populations in need is an abomination which contradicts the principles of humanitarian action and represents a protection failure by the international community. Sexual harassment and abuse (SHA) of any kind is also antithetical to the principles for which the United Nations and humanitarian assistance agencies stand and is corrosive to a working environment where all staff feel respected and valued. 
In line with the theme of this year’s ECOSOC HAS, this side event will seize an opportunity to maintain momentum and a spotlight on these issues from the perspective of being accountable to those we serve and those we work alongside. Equally as important as the UN system’s Agencies, Funds and Programs and other key humanitarian actors, Member States have a role in ensuring that collective efforts to address SEA and SHA are adequately resourced, political will is sustained to support efforts and ensure that their nationals committing SEA and SHA are held to account.