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United Nations police in the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM)
3 Nov 2017 -  United Nations - Police Commissioner Christoph Buik explains the policing mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). Based on the mandate, UN police develops the capacity of the police in Somalia, to implement the New Policing Model. The model aims to develop a national police system in a federated context, based on a political agreement of the government. UN police supports five federal Somali states and the federal government to build state police services, as well as a federal police service, based on the New Policing Model. UN police also supports local reconciliation efforts in Galkayo through community policing to protect civilians. A major challenge is funding for developing, training and equipping the federal and state police services.

United Nations police are deployed in 11 peacekeeping operations, as well as 6 Special Political Missions to help restore confidence in host-State police and rule of law structures and serving to protect civilians, providing electoral and border security and management, limiting the effects of transnational organised crime, investigating and preventing cases of sexual and gender-based violence. Over 12,000 UN police officers from 90 countries serve the United Nations as individual police officers (IPOs), in formed police units (FPUs) or as United Nations staff (P-staff).
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