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Building a People's Movement for Sustainable Development - Plenary Session, Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development 2019 (Day 2)
3 May 2019 -  2019 and 2020 will see a series of ‘drumbeat moments’, including September 2019 when the UNSG Climate and SDG Summits happen back-to-back, that have the potential to foster irreversible momentum for greater accountability and enhanced ambition in 2020 for the following 10 years.
In order to deliver this momentum, there is a crucial need to learn from mobilisation in 2018 and to continue to build for people power to keep pressure on decision makers in coming years.

This session will include:
a) A short introduction to the joint campaign discussions so far;
b) Case study of World Clean Up Day 2018
c) Small groups to brainstorm a series of questions for joint campaign ideas for 2019 and beyond;
d) Discussion of a timetable for action from May 2019-December 2020

The session will aim to provide an opportunity for specific inputs into planning for the Global Day of Action for SDGs and wider partnership for a broad movement for change. Building on a series of consultations with a range of civil society organizations working on sustainable development and climate the have been jointly organised by Action for Sustainable Development (A4SD), GCAP and Climate Action Network (CAN) International between September 2018- February 2019.
This session will feature World Clean Up Day 2018 as an inspiring example of citizen mobilization, featuring snapshots of organizations that participated in this success (Let's Do It! Foundation and JCI). It will include an overview of World Clean Up Day with stories of success from countries around the world.

Primary aims:
a) To share potential campaign ideas and gather feedback on key themes
b) To learn best practices to mobilize individuals around a powerful idea.
c) To raise awareness of the opportunity for joint campaigning on the Global Day of Action (25 Sep)

The target audience includes key members of the SDG Action community; movement leaders who want to learn how to scale their efforts and have maximum impact; in particular grassroots campaigners who can share the views of people who are often left behind, such as women, young people, ethnic, faith and indigenous minority groups, older people, human rights defenders, persons with a disability.

The main outcomes will be:
a) Practical guidance to build a movement and an idea of what enables movements to be successful
b) A higher number of applications to organise a session for the joint Global Day of Action (25 Sep)
c) Specific proposals for joint campaign messages in Sep 2019 and 2020
d) A broader roadmap for engagement of grassroots organisations in joint campaigns overcoming 18 months