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Session 3, 2nd Intersessional meeting of Human Rights Council
3 Dec 2019 -  Session 3: Human rights and SDG implementation at the national level
Panel discussion with:
• Mr. Brian Williams, UN Resident Coordinator, Albania
• Ms. Maria Victoria González-Román, Ambassador of the 2030 Agenda, Government of Spain
• Ms. Eva Grambye, Deputy Executive Director, Danish Institute for Human Rights
• Mr. Roberto Morales Sáenz, Analyst of Development, Ministry of Planning and Economic Policy, Government of Costa Rica
• Mr. George Morara, Commissioner & Vice Chairperson, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

Moderator: Ms. Monica Ferro, Director, UNFPA, Geneva
The session will focus on concrete human rights policies, practices, mechanisms and commitments at the country level, including sub-national and city levels that contribute to accelerating SDG delivery and implementation, and the role played by a United Nations under reform. It will also explore the importance of partners and partnerships on the ground concerning the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

• Share individual country best practices to promote empowerment, inclusion, and equality in the implementation of the SDGs.
• Illustrate the role and relationship of national human rights mechanisms in supporting the achievement of SDG goals, targets and indicators.
• Demonstrate measures taken to promote synergies between SDG implementation and the implementation of international human rights obligations and commitments.
• Illustrate the importance of ensuring adequate space for civil society, business representatives, youth and other non-governmental stakeholders.
• Identify and demonstrate good practices in promoting meaningful participation in the application of human rights principles to the delivery of the SDGs.
• Introduce specific approaches supporting the integration of human rights standards and human rights mechanisms’ recommendations in SDG-related planning and policy implementation at the country level.