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Universal Health Coverage in Least Developed Countries: A time for Accelerated Action
23 Sep 2019 -  Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is central to achieving health related targets and other Sustainable Development Goals.

Health systems in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) lack adequate and sustainable financing. As such, they need the highest degree of attention from the international community to address their basic needs including access to quality health services. Collective actions are needed to translate international commitments to accelerate LDCs efforts to UHC in current context.

The high-level speakers will discuss the underlying barriers that LDCs face in accelerating UHC. They will also present successful example from the LDCs that exemplify possibilities to progress towards UHC. Following this there will be an opportunity for national and international stakeholders, including UN entities and civil society, for an interactive dialogue on the role of UHC in sustainable development, poverty reduction and reducing social inequalities and the discussion will also highlight potential ways to accelerate progress towards UHC in LDCs.