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Open briefing of the Counter-Terrorism Committee on "Integrating gender into the work of the Committee and CTED"
1 Nov 2019 -  The Committee’s open briefing will highlight approaches taken by Member States to integrate gender into their efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism that is conducive to terrorism, as well as the related activities of the Committee and CTED, other relevant United Nations bodies, and women’s civil society organizations. It will also serve as a forum for the exchange emerging good practices and lessons learned at the regional and cross-regional levels.
The discussions will focus on three thematic priorities, in accordance with the mandates of the Committee and CTED: (i) drivers of female radicalization; (ii) gender-sensitive PRR strategies; and (iii) the role of women’s civil society organizations in countering terrorism and violent extremism.
Objectives of the briefing:
To highlight the importance of integrating gender perspectives into the work of the Committee and CTED and to identify ways in which gender mainstreaming can be further strengthened across their activities
To identify gaps and challenges, as well as progress and good practices, in developing gender-sensitive counter-terrorism approaches in different regional contexts
To raise awareness and promote cooperation in implementing existing obligations, guidelines and policies to ensure a gender-sensitive approach to return, prosecution, rehabilitation and reintegration, in compliance with international law, including international human rights law, international refugee law and IHL
To mobilize support for CTED and relevant partner entities to conduct and disseminate further research and analysis of women’s roles in terrorism and violent extremism and the impact of counter-terrorism strategies on women’s rights and organizations.
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