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Consideration of Iraq (Cont'd) - 2688th Meeting 97th Session Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination
30 Nov 2018 - 
Delegation of Iraq
1. HUSSEIN AL-ZUHAIR1, Deputy Minister - Ministry of Justice, Head of the Delegation
2. H.E. AMBASSADOR MOUAYED SALEH, Permanent Representative, Iraqi Mission, Geneva
3. ABBAS.K.O.ABASS, Minister Plenipotentiary, Iraqi Mission, Geneva
4. HUSSEIN AL-SAFI, Minister Plenipotentiary — Ministry of Foreign Affairs
5. RAAD ALBU-ABOOD, Ministry of Justice
6. OSAMAH AL-BYYAA, Ministry of Education
7. RYADH AL-OBAIDI, Ministry of Labor
8. MARWA AL-SALIHI, Ministry of Health
9. EDISON DAWOOD, Endowments of the Christian
10. MOHAMMED SALMAN, Ministry of Interior
11. MOHAMMED AL-OBAIDI, Ministry of Justice
12. MOHANAD ALI, Ministry of Justice
13. MOHAMMED AL-KHAFAJI, Ministry of Justice
14. JASIM AL-OBAIDI, Ministry of Justice
15. DINDAR ZEBARI, Kiirdistan Regional Government
16. KOSAR MAHMOOD, Kurdistan Regional Government
17. RIYADH ()ARAWLUS, Ministry of Interior / Kurdistan Regional Government
18. KHALEEL HUSSEIN, Kurdistan Regional Government
19. BADRALDIN BAKIR, Kurdistan Regional Government
20. AHMED MOHAMMED, Ministry of Justice
21. YAHYA AL OBAIDI, Second secretary - Iraqi Mission, Geneva
22. MOHAMMED ABDULLATTEEF, Third secretary - Iraqi Mission, Geneva
23. AHMED AL-ASADI, Attache - Iraqi Mission, Geneva
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