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Afternoon Session - 2nd Preparatory Meeting, 2nd Review Conference on the Convention on Cluster Munitions
4 Sep 2020 -  Submitted by the President of the Second Review Conference
1.Opening of the Second Preparatory Meeting.
2.Adoption of the agenda for the Second Preparatory Meeting.
3.Confirmation of the rules of procedure of the Second Preparatory Meeting.
4.Recommendation of a draft provisional Programme of Work for the Second Review Conference.
5.Exchange of views on the preparation of documents for the Second Review Conference:
(a) Review of the operation and status of the Convention 2016-2020;
(b) Lausanne Action Plan;
(c) Lausanne Political Declaration;
(d) Implementation support.
6.Financial Status of the Convention.
7.Updates on logistical and administrative matters.
8.Other matters.
9.Consideration and adoption of a procedural report of the Second Preparatory Meeting.
10.Closure of the Meeting