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Contribution of Intergenerational Relationships to the Enjoyment of the Human Rights of Older Persons
11 Dec 2017 -  Side Event on the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights (December 10th).
The event will focus on how intergenerational relationships can contribute to the promotion, protection and full enjoyment of the human rights of youth and older persons, by displaying a broad set of examples in which intergenerational partnerships and solidarity help to achieve social inclusion, social integration, social cohesion, the promotion of human rights, and the attainment of sustainable development. A panel of experts´ presentations will display some areas when intergenerational relationships can catalyze the enjoyment of the human rights of persons of all generations, such as early childhood development; domestic care; living arrangements; migration; remittances; social security and protection schemes; and political, economic and social participation.
Permanent Mission of Argentina and the Sub-Committee on Intergenerational Relationships of the NGO Committee on Ageing