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Inclusive education - a key driver for empowering persons with disabilities - COSP13 Side Event
1 Dec 2020 -  The side-event will examine the findings and recommendations of the 2020 GEM Report and the growing momentum across the disability movement to adopt a comprehensive definition of inclusive education to achieve SDG 4. The event will provide a platform to share insights into how the Report is driving advocacy efforts of organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) and what future actions need to happen to bring about lasting policy change. The objectives of this side-event will be to provide a platform to share perspectives from governments and CSOs on efforts to foster inclusion and education and ensure these are central to COVID-19 education responses; to highlight the catalytic effect that the 2020 GEM Report has had on advocacy efforts of persons with disabilities towards achieving inclusive education at national and community level; Provide an overview on the GEM Report 2020 and its two complementary regional reports produced in collaboration with regional partners.