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(Part 1) Multi-stakeholder Dialogue / Capacity-building Partnership Event on the Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment, including Socioeconomic Aspects (Regular Process)
24 Jan 2019 -  The Event aims to increase awareness of the importance of the Regular Process and more generally the science-policy interface at all levels.

It also seeks to highlight the importance of capacity-building in support of the Regular Process, including regarding the preparation of integrated assessments which are important to inform decision-making by policy-makers and other relevant stakeholders. It will allow for in-depth multi-stakeholder dialogues on current opportunities, gaps and needs in capacity, and will seek to foster cooperation and coordination amongst stakeholders to address these.

Over two days the event will:

Provide information on the science-policy interface from both the scientific and policy perspective;
Synthesize the gaps and needs related to the conduct of integrated assessments for enhanced participation in and use of the outputs of the Regular Process;
Increase awareness of assessments undertaken at various scales, the modalities which support these assessments (such as data acquisition, collection, collation and analysis) as well as the utilization of their results;
Provide relevant lessons learned from best practices through the presentation of case studies from all levels;
Serve as a forum for the presentation of information on relevant capacity-building initiatives, and identify needs and gaps, as well as shared priorities for capacity-building initiatives.