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Statelessness resulting from conflicts - 11th session of the Forum on Minority Issues
29 Nov 2018 -  Item 3: Statelessness resulting from conflicts, forced population movements and migration affecting minorities: main challenges and possible solutions

The session will discuss the impact of conflicts and their consequences in terms of statelessness of persons belonging to minorities, as a result of, inter alia, forced displacement, population transfers and forced migration. Consideration will also be given to examples illustrating measures to adopt fair statelessness determination procedures in order to ensure that individuals enjoy their human rights during border crossing, until they acquire a nationality.

The panel discussion is moderated by Mr. Joshua Castellino (India), Executive Director of Minority Rights Group International (MRG).
• Ms. Shahrzad Tadjbakhsh, DeputyDirector of the Division of International Protection, UNHCR
•Ms. Wai Wai Nu(Myanmar),Director of Women’s Peace Network
•Mr. P. P.Sivapragasam(Sri Lanka) , President of Human Development Organization
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