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Asia Pacific Regional Meeting - 26th session of Working Group of experts on people of African descent
23 Nov 2020 -  Opening remarks by Ricardo A. Sunga III Member of the WGEPAD, Moderator

Civil society discussion Topic A. What has been happening?
What are the key human rights concerns of people of African descent in your country/region today? Have these concerns become more apparent in the last 9 months and, if so, how? In the last 5 years? In the last 20 years?

Civil society discussion Topic B. What works?
a. What have been the key achievements in realizing the three objectives of the International Decade (Recognition, Justice, and Development) for people of African descent?
b. In the last five years, what examples exist of relevant legislative measures, implementation of national actions plans or policies, establishment of monitoring and complaint mechanisms, awareness raising and institutional strengthening activities, research, data collection, community engagement, or other measures or activities undertaken by Member States, national human rights institutions and equality bodies, civil society, and UN agencies, funds and programmes?

Civil society discussion Topic C. What do you want to see prioritized in the next 5 years?

Concluding remarks by the Moderator