Thematic session 5 - 2nd UN Global Sustainable…

Thematic session 5 - 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference (14-16 October 2021, Beijing, China)

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Sustainable transport – with its objectives of universal access, enhanced safety, reduced environmental and climate impact, improved resilience, and greater efficiency – is the focus of the 2nd Global Sustainable Transport Conference to be held in Beijing, China from 14 to 16 October.
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Thematic session 5: Policies for sustainable transport --- This session will explore the importance of different national, multilateral, and global policies and agreements to support sustainable transport. It will also consider related issues linked to planning, regulatory frameworks, and institutions; data; capacity-building; financing; and recycling challenges (e.g., used vehicle trade). The development of a sustainable transport system will require strong enabling policies, innovative technologies, supportive institutions, and a collaborative multi-stakeholder strategy. Governments can encourage more sustainable transport choices and discourage unsustainable options by adopting and enforcing legislation and regulations and developing sustainable transport strategies. The development of new technologies and the application of science for sustainable transport may require an incentive structure to ensure the availability of adequate human, financial, and institutional resources. Efforts must be made to engage and generate support from different groups of stakeholders through involving them in the decision-making process to ensure economic, social and political sustainability. The session will aim to identify suitable solutions and highlight best practice examples in sustainable transport.
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