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Climate Changemakers Digital Innovation for Youth…

Climate Changemakers Digital Innovation for Youth Conference: Part 4 (International Youth Conference (IYC) & COP27 & COP28 Planning Session)
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With this event the organizers aim to showcase existing and planned digital tools and solutions for youth focused local SDG action and climate action empowerment.

Based on the presentation of key programmes and initiatives of the organizers (like the Climate Changemakers initiative, the World Environment Situation Room, DigitalArt4Climate and GloCha) there will be explored possible pathways towards the formation of a #Digital4Youth multi-stakeholder partnership for the collaborative development of the needed global technological infrastructure and ecosystem for effective youth engagement and empowerment in local SDGs implementation with a view towards the UN Climate Conferences COP27 and COP28 as well as the UN SG Summit of the Future as key points of delivery. The event is being organized in the context of the Climate Changemaker initiative, a programme of UNEP, supported by the Government of Lanzarote, Spain, IAAI GloCha, the Turkish Municipality of Bahcelievler and UN-Habitat.