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Gender-sensitive parliaments: Advancing gender…

Gender-sensitive parliaments: Advancing gender equality to end poverty (CSW68 Side Event)

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The importance of addressing women's poverty has been long recognized in the international normative framework. "Women and Poverty" is the first critical area of concern of the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.
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The Parliamentary Meeting on Gender-sensitive parliaments: Advancing gender equality to end poverty will provide an opportunity to bring a parliamentary perspective into the CSW68 discussions by showcasing parliamentary engagement in formulating legislation and policies that specifically address poverty and ensure public financing advances the empowerment of women and girls. Members of parliament from around the world will share observations and practices in the areas of poverty alleviation through gender responsive budgeting and taxation, access to credit and resources for women, as well as targeted interventions that enable the creation of caring and green economies. It will also aim to underline the imperative of having gender-sensitive parliaments and of sharing good practices in fostering law-making environments that proactively address and rectify gender disparities.
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