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(Part 2) High-level Thematic Debate: Moment for…

(Part 2) High-level Thematic Debate: Moment for Nature - General Assembly, 76th session

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The High-Level Thematic Debate entitled a 'Moment for Nature' aims at achieving the level of cohesion needed among the global environmental work streams to keep the 1.5 degrees target alive, and rapidly accelerate the implementation of the SDGs for sustainable and resilient COVID-19 recoveries.
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  • Segment 3: Facilitating urgent, large scale action to bridge the gap between commitments and action
  • Segment 4: Engaging and Empowering All Relevant Stakeholders: Simplifying Messages for Greater Partnerships
  • Closing Segment

Focusing on the interlinkages and synergies between the different strands of the environmental action tracks, and with reference to the common challenges faced, the event will:

1. Present solutions to common bottlenecks affecting the entire environmental agenda;

2. Highlight best practices and transformative partnerships that break the siloes and build the required cross-cutting technical, skilling and financial capacities that could accelerate implementation on all fronts to the level needed; and,

3. Reinforce the views of a range of stakeholders, including young people.

Environmental threats are crosscutting, multidimensional, and threat multipliers. Given that the drivers and impacts of environmental degradation are interlinked, there is a clear need for a coordinated and integrated global response to these challenges.

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