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Empowering Civil Society in Strengthening Media…

Empowering Civil Society in Strengthening Media and Information Literacy – Best practices and pathways for future action
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This side event aims to illustrate how civil society organizations contribute to preventing or tackling disinformation and misinformation, both online and off-line, thus strengthening the resilience of societies, nationally and globally.

It will feature speakers representing diverse organisations and viewpoints, from human rights defenders to journalists or online platforms, in a conversation about their respective roles in a rapidly changing political and technological landscape.

Participants from the civil society will share best practices from successful experiences and innovative solutions to foster media and information literacy while fully upholding fundamental rights. The discussion will focus on the key role that citizens, journalists or civil society organizations have been playing – either individually or in organised networks – to respond to disinformation and promote reliable and accessible content. Speakers will also present case-studies of cooperation between governments and civil society, reflect on lessons learned, and explore ways for stakeholders to support each other in advancing media and information literacy.