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António Guterres (Secretary-General) on the first…

António Guterres (Secretary-General) on the first grain shipment from Ukraine

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Informal comments to the media by António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, on the first grain shipment from Ukraine.
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Addressing correspondents at UN Headquarters in New York on the shipment, Mr. Guterres said the ship was loaded with two commodities in short supply, "corn, and hope."

"People on the verge of famine need these agreements to work, in order to survive. Countries on the verge of bankruptcy need these agreements to work, in order to keep their economies alive." 

While the "tragic war continues to rage", said the UN chief, the UN would continue working every day, "to bring relief to the people of Ukraine, and to those suffering the effects of the conflict around the world."

He said the war "must end, and peace must be established, in line with the Charter of the United Nations and international law.

"I hope today’s news can be a step towards that goal, for the people of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, and for the world."

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