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Part II - Friday Seminar on Emerging Issues: Data…

Part II - Friday Seminar on Emerging Issues: Data Governance - 55th Statistical Commission Side Event

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The Friday Seminar on Emerging Issues was established as a space for the global statistical community to explore emerging issues. It is a place which serves as a learning environment where statisticians come together with specialists and experts to explore innovative topics and address the interplay between official statistics and the broader data ecosystem. 
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Afternoon session: Official statistics and data governance

After exploring different models and frameworks of data governance and the generation and use of data, the afternoon session aims to address how data governance is approached in the national statistical systems. The objective is to achieve an overarching vision on how data is managed, used and transferred across the system to allow its use for official statistics.

  • Panel 3: Emerging strategies for data and statistics in national statistical systems (15:00 – 16:30)
  • Speakers featuring national examples of data governance modals, data sharing agreements and national data coordinators, among others.
  • Panel 4: Possible strategies to bring data governance into the Statistical Commission (16:45 – 17:45)
  • Speakers include the Vice-Chair of the Commission, Co-Chair of CCS-UN, Eurostat, and 2 or 3 national perspectives.
  • Conclusion (17:45-18:00)
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