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The role of sport and cultural life in building…

The role of sport and cultural life in building inclusive and participatory societies for persons with disabilities in the post COVID-19 context - COSP15 Side Event
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The event aims to ensure that persons with disabilities have an opportunity to organize, develop and participate in disability-specific sporting and recreational activities and, to this end, encourage the provision, on an equal basis with others, of appropriate instruction, training and resources. Moreover, the goal of the event is to highlight the role that civil society organizations can and are willing to play in order to implement Art.

The panel will aim at:

  • Identifying specific challenges faced during the pandemic by persons with disabilities and serious cognitive disabilities and good practices;
  • Advocating the effective and meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in the rebuilding of economies and societies in the post-Covid19 recovery and sharing innovative sustainable solutions;
  • Highlighting the contribution of civil society organizations in the design and implementation of inclusion strategies by sharing lessons learned and best practices with focus on sport and theater.