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Rescuing SDG11 for a resilient urban planet …

Rescuing SDG11 for a resilient urban planet (HLPF 2023 Side Event)
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This event will focus on the urgent transformative shifts needed to embrace innovative and bold measures to accelerate SDG 11. It considers new ways of thinking and working that can positively alter the way in which policies are designed, implemented, and financed to accelerate progress with SDG 11 and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at all levels.

By 2030, we will not meet most SDG 11 targets without major shifts in urban policy and investments in local government. The consequences of not achieving SDG 11 in particular are immense, directly impacting billions of people's daily lives. It is urgent to prevent the disastrous effects consequences ahead of us by changing the way we plan, manage, and govern our cities and human settlements.

To avoid a collective failure and to rescue SDG 11 but also Agenda 2030 more broadly, actions need to be taken now and at scale across cities and human settlements. In line with the call of the UN General Assembly to rescue the SDGs,1 this is the moment to rescue SDG 11 through scaled action and investments.