General Assembly

Fifth Committee, 27th meeting - General Assembly…

Fifth Committee, 27th meeting - General Assembly, First part of the resumed 78th session

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Administrative and Budgetary Committee.
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  • Organization of work


General discussion

  • Joint Inspection Unit - Item 141

 A/78/34, A/78/731

 Introduction and general discussion

  • Human resources management - Item 139

Composition of the Secretariat

 A/78/569, A/78/569/Add.1, A/78/745, A/78/745/Add.1

Practice of the Secretary-General in disciplinary matters and cases of possible criminal behaviour

 A/78/603, A/78/603/Corr.1, A/78/756

Seconded active-duty military and police personnel

 A/78/602, A/78/762

Monitoring of staff attendance

 A/78/604, A/78/759

  • Joint Inspection Unit - Item 141

Report of the Joint Inspection Unit on Review of mental health and well-being policies and practices in United Nations system organizations

 A/78/695, JIU/REP/2023/4, A/78/695/Add.1

Introduction and general discussion

  • United Nations common system - Item 142

Data on system-wide compensation costs

 A/78/600, A/78/757

Introduction and general discussion

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