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Integrating effective resilience-building in peace…

Integrating effective resilience-building in peace operations for sustainable peace (Peacebuilding and sustaining peace) - Security Council, 9181st meeting
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The objective of the ministerial-level debate is to start a conversation on the reconfiguration of United Nations peace operations to ensure a situationally determined balance between kinetic and non-kinetic actions aimed at restoring peace and addressing the underlying causes of conflict.

Ghana (Security Council President in November 2022) hopes to build consensus in the Security Council and across the United Nations on the need to ensure that peace operations, including kinetic and non-kinetic interventions, take into consideration the changing security landscape by fully addressing underlying causes and drivers of conflict, linked to the growing youth bulge, poverty, climate change and the absence of resilient institutions, among others.

Evidence, including that contained in reports of the Secretary-General, have underscored over the years that unaddressed structural factors could contribute to the resurgence of conflict during or after peace support missions. The emerging trends and dynamics linked to traditional and non-traditional security threats confront the Security Council with new challenges. These require the Council to devise new approaches to ensure a balanced response to both military operations and the underlying causes of conflict to ensure sustainable peace. There has been a growing call for a robust mandate for peace operations to allow them to respond to the changing security dynamics and, in this respect, time is of the essence to address the sustainability gap for peace operations. Ensuring peace operations fit for contemporary times is thus as much a crucial issue for sustainable peace as it is for the credibility and effectiveness of the Council itself.


1. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations 2. Ambassador Bankole Adeoye, Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, African Union Commission 3. The Elders 4. Karin Landgren, Executive Director, Security Council Report

Concept note (S/2022/799)