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Amid Relative Calm in Yemen, Warring Parties Must Halt Military Provocations, Achieve Key Breakthrough to End War, Special Envoy Tells Security Council

The parties to the conflict in Yemen must immediately stop military provocations and agree to a sustainable nationwide ceasefire, address economic priorities and restart an intra-Yemeni political process under United Nations auspices, the Organization’s senior official for that country told the Security Council today, as he spotlighted positive developments and urged members to encourage the parties to work along the path he outlined.

In the ensuing discussion, Council members voiced support for Special Envoy Grundberg’s efforts and welcomed positive developments in the country. Expressing concern about the dire humanitarian situation and deteriorating economic conditions, they called for support of the humanitarian response plan, unimpeded humanitarian access and the lifting of freedom of movement restrictions, among others. Speakers also welcomed the resolution renewing the mandate of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement (UNMHA) for another year, which they unanimously adopted during the immediately preceding meeting.