Fostering Resiliency through a Behavioural Insights…

Fostering Resiliency through a Behavioural Insights Approach - 2022 UNOCT Málaga Conference (Side Event 5)
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High-Level International Conference on Human Rights, Civil Society and Counter-Terrorism "For a future free from terrorism: Building resilience with civil society through the rule of law and human rights"

Resiliency is an increasingly desired outcome of PVE programs. But too often, it is also an elusive one. To a significant extent, this stems from differing understandings of the word "resiliency" between program designers and program implementers - a product of resiliency's multidisciplinary use. These differing understandings, in turn, translate into different monitoring and evaluation metrics, rendering impact assessment a difficult affair. The Behavioural Insights Approach combines evidence about human behaviour and a strictly practical focus with robust evaluation mechanisms. These can be brought to overcome the definitional and impact assessment quandaries of resiliency-centric PVE programs. Nonetheless, doing so responsibly can be achieved within clear-cut and practical ethical guidelines which are compliant with the Human Rights values of the United Nations.


The side events will provide a space to inform, raise awareness, foster understanding, stimulate debate and dialogue, gain political support and influence, and establish networks. Side events offer a platform for rich discussion to generate innovative and fruitful recommendations regarding some of the most acute counter-terrorism and prevention and countering of violent extremism (CT/PCVE) challenges. The outcomes of these events are expected to enrich the main conference's plenary discussions, to help accelerate global momentum and deepen international commitment to implementing the United Nation's Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

The 2022 UNOCT Málaga Conference will bring together Member States, United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact entities, international and regional organizations, human rights and civil society organizations, experts and other stakeholders to engage in a robust and practical exchange of innovative ideas on how to strengthen social cohesion, build resilience, and effectively embed human rights, gender equality and the rule of law into the international community's response to terrorism and violent extremism, while safeguarding and promoting human rights, in particular the rights of women, children, and victims of terrorism.