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India Roundtable on Financial Inclusion

India Roundtable on Financial Inclusion
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This India Roundtable will bring to center stage the role of Financial Inclusion on achieving the SDGs. It will be based on the Indian journey and experience, particularly in showcasing the 'India Stack', through open, digital public infrastructure that transformed the lives of billions of individuals and helped businesses promote financial and social inclusion. 

The objective will be to share real experiences with Member States and to discuss how these can be replicated at great speed and at affordable costs.

Guiding Questions:

  • What does financial inclusion mean in 2023, and how does it impact the livelihood of the common man?
  • What are the obstacles to financial inclusion, and what are the fundamental non-negotiables to respond to them? How can technology and innovation amplify the response?
  • What are digital public goods, and what does it mean for financial inclusion? What are the basic building blocks, and why is it important for developing countries to consider this?
  • How can existing solutions on financial inclusion be shared and scaled up, and what makes models from developing countries unique?
  • What role can the Bretton Woods institutions play in financial inclusion?