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3rd Meeting, Social Forum 2023

3rd Meeting, Social Forum 2023

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The Social Forum 2023 focuses on the contribution of science, technology and innovation to the promotion of human rights, including in the context of post-pandemic recovery
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10h00-10h10 Video Message (Continued)

        - Mr. Neil de Grasse Tyson, Astrophysicist, Author and Science Communicator

10h10-10h50       Opportunities from Science, Knowledge, Education and Culture: Contribution of STI to Advance All Human Rights for All through Participation in Science

Moderator:  Mr. Konstantinos Tararas, Programme Specialist, Inclusion, Rights and Intercultural Dialogue Section, UNESCO (TBC)

        - Ms. Farida Shaheed, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, Academic and Scientific Freedom

        - Ms. Elsie Effah Kaufman, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Dean, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Ghana, Harnessing the Power of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education for Transformative Change in Particular for Women and Girls and with a Focus on Africa and Other Developing Regions

        - Mr. Mohammad Reza Magidi, President, Strategic Research Institute, Tehran, and Secretary-General, Asian Parliamentary Assembly, The Use of New Technologies in Continuous Education

·         Ms. Sofie Maddens, Acting Head of the Digital Knowledge Hub Department, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Information and Communication Technology and Access to Information ·         Mr. Paul Olivier de Haye, Citizen Science, Open Science and Open Innovation; the Right to Participate in Science; the Right to Seek, Receive and Impart Information  


10h50-11h30       Interactive Dialogue


11h30-12h15       Roundtable: Challenges and Risks from New and Emerging Technologies - STI and Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Democracy and Development


Moderator: Mr. Scott Campbell, Senior Human Rights Officer, Thematic

Engagement, Special Procedures, and Right to Development Division, OHCHR


         - Ms. Maria Luciana Mermet, Manager, Global Fund Partnership and Health Systems Team, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), The Role of Multilaterals in Digital Transformation, Digital Public Goods, and the Future of Democracy and Development  

         - Ms. Klentiana Mahmutaj, Member, Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development, Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights with a Focus on the Right to Development

        - Mr. Augustine Marrah, Co-Executive Director Freedom Hub, Sierra Leone, Civic Space and the Protection and Promotion of Rights and Freedoms Online and Offline (Including Against Gender-Based Violence / Online Public Sphere)

        - Ms. Manuela D'Avila, Privacy, Hate Speech and the Role of Media Including Social Media, Misinformation/Disinformation, Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, Elections and Electoral Democracy  

        - Ms. Milica Momčilović, President, World Federation of Science Journalists, Science, Journalism and the Media

        - Mr. Roberto Bissio, Executive Director, Third World Institute and Coordinator, International Secretariat, Social Watch, Digital Technologies and Data Protection, Corporate Capture of the Scientific Agenda, Regulatory Governance Frameworks for Scientific Research and Emerging Technologies    


12h15-13h00       Interactive Dialogue

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