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Pushing Back the Push-Back: Nordic solutions to…

Pushing Back the Push-Back: Nordic solutions to online gender-based violence (CSW67 Side Event)
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Nordic gender equality ministers share Nordic solutions to make the digital world safer for all.
Moderator: Dr. María Rún Bjarnadóttir, Director for Internet Safety at the Icelandic National Commissioner for Police Panelists: Ms. Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister, Iceland Ms. Paulina Brandberg, Minister for Gender Equality and Deputy Minister for Employment, Sweden Ms. Naaja H. Nathanielsen, Minister of Finance and Gender Equality, Greenland Ms. Sirið Stenberg, Minister of Social Affairs and Culture, Faroe Islands Ms. Marie Bjerre, Minister for Digital Government and Gender Equality, Denmark Mr. Thomas Blomqvist, Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality, Finland Ms. Gry Haugsbakken, State Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Equality, Norway