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South-South and Triangular Cooperation to tackle the energy and climate crises – bringing together different technologies to accelerate the SDGs (HLPF 2023 Side Event)
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The side event will highlight the critical role played by South-South and Triangular Cooperation mechanisms in transferring technology and building sustainable capacity to ensure access to energy and clean water for all.

Nuclear solutions, together with more conventional techniques, can contribute to addressing the global crises and ensure affordable and clean energy and water for all. South-South and triangular cooperation modalities, as proven by experiences from different geographies from the global south, prove that such mechanisms not only facilitate knowledge sharing, partnerships, networking and sustainable capacity building, but are key to enhance impact and ensure lasting results.

Recent global frameworks, such as the BAPA+40, Doha Programme of Action for Least Developed States (DPoA) 2022-2031 and others, recognize the potential of South-South and triangular cooperation for closing the gap on subjects such as climate change, clean energy and water. Learning from concrete examples on how South-South and triangular cooperation could help the scaling up of sustainable solutions, the side event, structured as a panel discussion and using an interview style format, will enable representatives of countries from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbeans, to showcase how South-South, triangular and international cooperation can amplify efforts to increase progress towards the SDGs, including ensuring access to clean and reliable energy sources, as well as clean water.

The side event is organized jointly by the IAEA in collaboration with the Permanent Mission of Tajikistan, the Permanent Mission of South Africa, the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).